I’m Emily van der Nagel, a Lecturer in Social Media at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

My research interests include social media identities, social media cultures, pseudonymity, anonymity, selfies, sexualities, memories, and algorithms.

In 2019, I’m teaching undergraduate media and communications subjects Youth Media: Understanding Media Research and Media and Communications: Contemporary Debates.

I’ll be presenting my work Sunsets and Memories: How we Bury and Mourn Dead Platforms at the Association of Internet Researchers conference at QUT in October, and I’m on the organising committee of Digital Intimacies 5.0: Structures, Cultures, Power, to be held at Monash University in December.

My latest publication is a book chapter called There is No Anonymity in the Database for the edited collection State Machines: Reflections and Actions at the Edge of Digital Citizenship, Finance, and Art, published online for free by the Institute of Network Cultures.

I tweet at @emvdn.